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Seametrey Leisure Centre is linked to Seametrey Children’s Village, a Montessori school set up by Muoy You to provide affordable, mostly free, quality education to some of the poorest Khmer children, otherwise left behind by the city based mainstream education system.

The school opened in 2003 in Phnom Penh in a rented villa. The lease expired in July 2015. In anticipation of this, Muoy You launched three campaigns on over three years to raise funds to build the new school in Chambork Trop Village, Kandal Province. All three campaigns exceeded expectations.  We collected enough funds to build the Nursery school, a Primary building and the swimming pools. The rest was built with donations from Cambodia Swiss Education Funds, l’ Association des Femmes d’Europe, Mira Scholars Foundation, Friends of Cambodia, fees paid by volunteers from all over the world and  Muoy You’s personal funds.

The master plan and architecture were designed by You Khin, Muoy’s late husband. They were meant to honour Cambodia, the Cambodian tradition and way of life harmoniously blended with modernity. The eco-friendly design using natural light and ventilation, the solar panels to run the pools, the many biodigesters that act as septic tanks and provide cooking gas, all are geared towards minimising the use of electricity and so contributing to protect our environment.

Now that the school is built, the challenge is to sustain it. The school policy is social integration. Parents pay proportionally to their incomes. We have 192 students as of 23rd December 2016. More than 2/3 of them don’t pay. The rest pay a nominal fee, often gestures of fruit and rice. We need alternative regular income that will allow us to survive with dignity and without reliance on fundraising campaigns and with the uncertainty of survival. The Leisure Centre was born out of these concerns. It gives joy to our children, who use the facilities during school hours and after school also, and it gives our school a secure future.

We’re fortunate to have amazing volunteers support our school. This has given us a great reputation as we offer a quality education following the national  Khmer curriculum, with a unique focus on English and a truly international perspective to learning.

By coming here, you are supporting our school and our children. All profits generated go back into the school, paying local staff and buying educational material/resources and paying for utilities. Your visit will go a long way in helping us educate the forgotten village children. Your visit will help and do more than you’ll ever know. We can’t thank you enough for your support and investment in our community and children.

You can learn more about the school by watching our documentary made by two of our volunteers, Bilal (UK) and Maxie (Germany) which tells our story. Click  on the title below to view on YouTube.

 ‘Rising Together from Ashes’ – The story of Seametrey.

For any more information on our school, you can also visit our school website:


Tonle Bati, Cambodia